The Kingdom of Nepal: Majesty of the Mountains

As I cast my eyes upwards while scrambling into the taxi leaving Pokhara I am drawn to some soaring clouds. I take a second glance and I almost lose my breath. Those are not clouds, those are the Himalayas! The peaks of them are unbelievable! How is it humanely possible to climb to the tops of them is my question. They seem so ominous and majestic at the same time. There is something about the mountains that draws us and I don’t think it’s just me. The trek to Annapurna Base Camp was regrettably packed with tourists to the point that many times I would have to wait to the side of the trail to let people pass. The fact that so many people travel far and wide to be in the presence of mighty mountains says something. To me it says that there is a powerful drawing force that attracts us towards the heavens. As our eyes soar to the mountains it is almost as though they soar heavenwards as well. I can attest to this because I feel a close connection to my Creator when I am in the mountains. As I stood at the base of Mt. Annapurna at 6am to see the sunrise amongst numerous other trekkers I wondered to myself what everyone around me was thinking. The rays of sun slowly casting over the mountain were as if God was giving us a glimpse of His power and majesty. All I could do was stand there in awe and praise God. I wonder how many people around me stood there and thought, “How amazing is creation! There must be a Creator behind this glory.”

I am sure to write another comment and post in terms of my experience in the mountains since I still have 2 more weeks or so in the Himalayas. All I can say is that I do not think it possible that anyone who experienced the majesty of the mountains that day at Annapurna Base Camp could leave without thinking to themselves that there is a power or a higher being far beyond us that has created such as masterpiece. We go to the mountains to strive higher, to test our strength (not only physical but mental) and to achieve something. We see the peak as our goal and we climb higher and higher towards it. I like to us the mountains for many analogies so bear with me;) It is not only the ascent of man but the ascent of the soul. We strive higher and higher physically when we climb in the mountains but what about climbing higher and higher spiritually? In the mountains we find silence and it is in the silence that God speaks. The mountains teach us to expect the unexpected and so must we be in our lives; ready to take on any change of plans, struggle, and unexpected event and find a way to get through it.

Anyways, I could go on for awhile so I will just say that so far the Himalaya mountains have captured me!!


1 thought on “The Kingdom of Nepal: Majesty of the Mountains

  1. Wow what an amazing experience to be able to take part of. Mountains have always drawn me in, I could imagine what something like the Himalaya’s would do but I am sure it would be beyond “this” world.

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