Whatcha gonna do in Kathmandu?

The air in the streets of Kathmandu are mixed with the smell of incense and curry spice and the streets are lined with vendors selling apples galore. I feel welcomed already and even more so when this morning for breakfast I had toast with peanut butter.

There is a similarity to Africa here: the boutiques sell similar things, the heavy Chinese bicycles weave through traffic, the streets are heaped with garbage and the mangy dogs laying around all look the same.

Kathmandu is a busy city but as I mentioned already has some great smells haha. Every street corner has a shrine to Buddha or Shiva and the cows – which must be well respected since they are believed to be reincarnated being- wander in the middle of the streets.

The Mountain Child Guest House in conveniently located behind the Zoo so I was woken up to the sound of shrieking monkeys. I am really looking forward to meeting the group I will be trekking with which will include: 5 nurses, 2 people from the UK, some Texans, 1 Buddhist monk who converted to Christianity, a man from Mustang (close to Tibet) and myself and another Canadian. It will definitely be a very interesting cultural experience indeed. I am looking forward to hearing the testimony of the Buddhist monk who apparently said Buddha led him to Christ.

Before we begin our mission, which will be in the Langtang region (between Annapurna and Everest), I will go into the Annapurna region for a trek. I have an early wake up so I am going to end this short. Starting out of Pokhara and then will start my trek the day after.

Namaste my friends!


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