Nepal: looking beyond the yaks, apple pie and Sherpas

Those who have known me for the past 5 years or more have on various occasions I am sure heard me express my desire to go to Nepal and of course “to befriend a Sherpa.” I think this desire to travel here came from hearing stories from my Mom and Grandad who trekked to the base of Mt. Everest. The images, beauty, and culture of this country has captured me and I can’t wait to experience it myself. I remember trying on these Nepali traditional shoes my Mom had lying around in our house and despite the nails digging through the thin leather bottom I would somehow be transformed to the world of the Himalayas and want to meet these “superhuman” Sherpa people. My trip to Nepal will definitely be a unique experience for me for many reasons. For one I have never travelled to a country where the major religion is Hinduism. Second, I am going to be going on a medical mission trip which I have never done before and also a part of this mission trip we will be sharing our Christian faith with people who have never heard of Christianity. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to not only reach out to the people living in these remote mountain villages of the Himalayas physically but also spiritually. It is going to be an enriching experience I believe for me in many areas and I am excited to see what challenges I will face and what fruit will come forth. I am also prepared to be humbled by the “superhuman” Sherpa people who I am sure will be running up the mountains with a steady heart rate as I gasp behind them.

I hope to be able to post while I am there on what I am experiencing as well as photographs.

Here are a some poetic Nepali folk songs I came across. One can enter into a culture in a small way through the writings and stories of the people so I thought I would share some of these:

“My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind
I cannot decide whether to fly or sit on the hilltop.”

“These Himalayas of the mind are not so easily possessed. There’s more than precipice and storm between you and your Everest.”
And this one is my favourite:
“Millet is planted, corn is planted, but not rice
don’t follow me little girl, because I don’t like you.”


Well, I will keep you posted as best as I can. Please keep me in your prayers and our group and all those people we will encounter whom I am sure could use prayers. Also, feel free to comment and post on my blog:)

Peace! ….”Namaste” (salutation in Nepal. Apparantly in Nepal a person of lower status or who is younger performs the greeting first to show their respect)



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